Play Up Smaller Rooms

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While small spaces can be cozy and quaint, they can sometimes scare away buyers looking for a home they can grow in. In order to maximize small spaces for the open house, home sellers should be sure to consider some tips from home staging experts and interior designers on how to make a small space look bigger.

A great way to maximize space is to use light colors to make a tight space feel more open, according to Home and Garden Television. Because dark colors absorb light, they can make a space feel more cramped. Sellers can break out their paint brushes and paint walls white or some other soft hue and use light colored furniture to make a room feel more spacious.

Homeowners should also employ multi-functional furniture in smaller rooms. Coffee tables with shelves to hold books and knickknacks, beds with clothing storage underneath and dining tables that can extend can all serve to make more space, according to Freshome.

It is also important to choose pieces with clean lines and place larger items against the wall to open up floor space in a room, the source explains. A blocked walkway may turn a potential buyer off.

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