Trash Talk: Internal City Report: Los Angeles is Full of Trash

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The report recommends “a task force,” naturally, to come up with some kind of plan or another to keep the streets, alleys, and sidewalks clean, and it suggests taking inspiration from New York City’s Project Scorecard, “a data-driven approach.” In New York, this kind of intensive clean-up effort is often a gentrification exercise, a way to crack down on poor people and make neighborhoods more palatable for the rich. In Los Angeles, where neighborhoods are more segregated, the idea doesn’t have quite the Giuliani-style implications; if the city wants to put more money and energy into poor neighborhoods, that’s probably a good thing.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has already given sanitation drivers smartphone apps to help them get through their routes faster and City Attorney Mike Feuer has launched “a strike force” to catch illegal dumping “in the city’s most notorious sites.”

· Blunt report finds L.A. isn’t keeping up with removing dumped trash [LAT]

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