Curbed Maps: Mapped: The Awesomest and Douchiest Pools in Los Angeles

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Image via The Line

Summer has finally come to Los Angeles and damn it’s hot. The beach is sandy and crowded and only monsters own their own pool in a drought, so you’ll have to head out into the city this weekend (every weekend?) and find the perfect pool or swimming hole for you. Whether you’re a down-to-earth sweaty person looking for a dip, a total douchebag who still thinks Entourage is aspirational, or one of the buzzier NBA players, there’s something for you on our annual map of the douchiest and awesomest swim spots around Los Angeles. All 24 are rated on a five-point scale for difficulty of access (doormen, crowds, hikes, etc.), douchiness factor (Hollywood hotel pool party: high; public pool: low), and awesomeness levels. Have fun, stay cool, wear sunscreen.

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