Museums: The Academy Movie Museum On the Miracle Mile is Happening as Long as It’s Not Killed By a Lawsuit

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The Academy has raised a heap of money (with help from its celebrity fundraisers, naturally) and says it’s ready to start work this summer so it can open the museum by late 2017. But all that’s basically blood in the water for the anti-development crowd, who are now threatening to sue to stop the project. Fix the City, the group that helped put a stop to much-needed new planning guidelines for Hollywood that would’ve promoted transit-oriented development, “sent a scathing email to the planning and land use committee Tuesday, accusing city officials of ramrodding the film museum through without enough analysis and discussion of its effect on traffic and parking in the Miracle Mile,” the LA Times reported this morning. They say they intend to sue and stop the museum.

The museum will share parking with LACMA and has also arranged for 800 other spaces nearby, which should be able to accommodate a capacity crowd. Still, three neighborhood associations in the area oppose the museum because of its large theater, “which they fear will clog streets for movie premieres and other events.” The LADOT found that the museum would only contribute “a slight increase” to rush hour traffic.

Of negotiations between the museum and Fix the City, the museum’s managing director told the LAT “I’m hopeful,” while Fix the City’s lawyer said “I’m not optimistic.”

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