Ride to the Airport: Now You Can Play “Pick Someone Up at LAX,” the Game

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The terminals at LAX are undergoing a rolling set of makeovers (like the one that supposedly just paparazzi-proofed Terminal 5) and, outside, improvements aimed at mitigating the aggressively awful car traffic. But there are far bigger changes off in the future (like maybe 2020) as the airport and the city work to completely overhaul the process of getting into and out of the airport—with a people mover that’ll connect to a light rail line, consolidated parking and car rentals, and other big improvements. And because there is nothing more fun than picking people up for the airport, there’s now a game-like survey called Beat LAX Traffic (via Councilmember Mike Bonin, who reps neighborhoods around LAX) to gather information on how and why people go to the airport, and what influences the choices they make when they get there.

The “game” begins with a seemingly simple task: pick up some people curbside at the airport. It offers what are probably common options (waiting off-site until the person is curbside, for example), and goes on with that scenario, slipping in some real-life questions every now and then. Once the game part is done, it gets a little more quiz-like, but not for too long—the survey probably takes about five minutes max, unless it’s been a while since you’ve been to the airport (lucky) and need to really think about the routine.

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