Flipping Out: Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern at the Top of Beverly Hills Selling as a Teardown For $24M

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Ok, things are definitely wayyyy out of control with the spec house frenzy—this listing has just popped up for a very lovely Mid-Century Modern house on a hilltop lot in Beverly Hills’s Trousdale Estates, built in 1963, designed by George MacLean, and owned for many years by fashion photographer Steven Meisel, who hired restoration experts Marmol Radziner to renovate the place. But the listing doesn’t mention any of that. And it only shows one photo of the house, where you can almost make it out if you squint. Instead, there are lots of renderings for a megamansoin and the invitation to “Build your dream house on Billionaire Row!” (the photos below are from the old listing).

Meisel sold the house last April for $11.36 million; the new owners (a New York-based LLC) are asking $24 million for the old house, its 1.56 acres of land, and plans for a 23,000-square-foot house with “every [theoretical] bell & whistle you would expect,” designed by Rios Clementi Hale. That’s $24 million for a house that does not exist at the top of Beverly Hills. How perfect.

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