LA River Rising: Frank Gehry Wants to Incorporate All That Concrete Into His LA River Revitalization Plan

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Gehry (who’s been working pro bono) says he agreed to the LA River project “on the condition that they approached it as a water-reclamation project, to deal with all the water issues first.” He wants to switch the river’s main job from getting stormwater out to the ocean to holding onto and maybe even treating that water for reuse someday—a total overhaul of its decades-long mission. Something that’s not going to change on the river, though? The concrete. At least, if Gehry (who is famous for his use of chain-link fencing and other industrial materials) has his way. In his view, the concrete, perhaps the most maligned visual feature of the river, is “an architectural feature … I can see ways of incorporating it into what we’re doing.”

Aside from his vision for this water-capturing, still-concrete-covered waterway, Gehry brings the most to the river project just by being Gehry. He’t got engineers, water experts, landscape architects, and a relationship with a tech firm that bought the architect’s Gehry Technologies and has already produced a “a three-dimensional, so-called point-cloud model” for around 70 percent of the river that, when combined with high-definition photos, will provide a starting point from which all projects along the channel can build. Gehry would also bring his “force of personality” to the project, which could be used to “consolidate political support and fundraising efforts” for the river’s future.

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