Shenanigans: So a Car Tried to Drive Onto the CicLAvia Route This Weekend

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@LATimescitybeat Don’t drive thru Ciclavia, no no. Driver was quickly stopped, escorted off Washington & cited.

— keith johnson (@keith_johnson) August 10, 2015

Yesterday’s CicLAvia in Culver City and Venice drew droves of people on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, and foot out onto the streets, which were shuttered to cars for the one-day event because, as almost everyone knows, the whole point of the event is that there are no automobiles involved. But one driver either didn’t get the message or just really wanted to get in on the fun. That driver decided to join the crowds, hopping on the route somewhere on Washington Boulevard, according to tweeter keith johnson. Unfortunately for him, the fun was cut short by the cops, who probably noticed the Jeep among bikes pretty easily, then pulled the driver over and gave him a ticket. The next CicLAvia will be in Downtown in October; hopefully by that time, this driver will have a bike.

· CicLAvia [Curbed LA]

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