Blockbusters: Bonkers Unbuilt Megamansion Asking $115 Million in Bel Air

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The first lot went up for sale this week. For just $115 million down, Domvs London will proceed with the 57,000-square-foot, 15-bedroom house they have planned for the site. Just to put that into context, the White House is only 55,000 square feet, but this is still far from the biggest or most expensive megamansion underway in Bel Air (the winner at the moment is 74,000-square-feet and asking $500 million). Sure, there’s an option to buy just the land for $45 million and design your own place, but it’s hard to argue with the amenities of the Domvs house.

This house is gonna have everything. We’re talking guesthouse, bowling alley, elevators, two pools, full-service spa and esthetician room. Bringing Jay Leno over for dinner? Drive him into your own underground auto gallery through it’s very Batman-esque underground connector tunnel. Haven’t seen Everest yet? Bootleg a copy and watch it in your IMAX theater. Don’t have time to make it to the golf course or racetrack? No problem! You’ve also got a golf and race car simulator in home!

There will even be an art vault! Who couldn’t use a new art vault?

The first house can be ready for construction in February 2016. Domvs has designs prepped for the remaining two properties that range from 56,000 to 61,000 square feet. —Jeff Wattenhofer

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