New to Market : Beloved Disney Artist’s Carefully Restored Former House and Studio on the Market for $1.6M

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In the house, a handful of double doors open from the living room and kitchen onto a back patio with a landscaped hillside. Windows are kind of a theme here, with big ones of a variety of sizes in every room. The kitchen, though on the small side, looks well laid-out at least, and appears to have a fittingly vintage-style stove and fridge. There is only one bedroom, with two beds arranged head to head, like this is a TV show in the Fifties where married couples can’t share the same bed onscreen.

The one bathroom in the house has not been totally gutted and marble-filled, which is a relief. It’s pretty clear that “The magic of the artists’ residence and studio is alive and well, ready to enliven and enhance the life of the next special owner(s),” as the listing copy puts it.

The Mary and Lee Blair residence is asking$1.6 million.

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