Rich Malibuites Will Allow Public on Broad Beach in Exchange For Permission to Truck in Sand

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The sand will cover an emergency rock wall that’s been on the beach since 2010, recreating sand dune habitat and “a sloping public beach” along the water. Residents will have to hire trucks to “reclaim” sand that washes down the shore toward Zuma Beach, and the CCC also gave the ok for the residents to bring in more sand in five years, if more is needed. (It was previously anticipated the the sand would probably only last about 10 years.) Homeowners have created a tax district to raise the $31 million that the project’s expected to cost; they’ve already burned through $5 million on legal fees and engineers.

The Commission also added a new requirement: that the Broad Beach homeowners transfer the property rights to the tops of the new dunes to the CCC so that they can become public. Homeowners along the beach have loudly fought public access to the part of the beach that is public (from the wet sand to the water), as have many rich Malibu homeowners, but now they “have pledged they will never again challenge members of the general public who use the renewed beach in front of their homes.” Their lawyer says they event want to “fund the creation of a public beach” on the public beach in front of their houses.

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