Metro Not Going to Let Angels Flight Reopen Any Time Soon

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The state’s railway regulator, the California Public Utilities Commission, has said that it won’t allow people to ride on Angels Flight until an emergency stairway is built. It looks like they’re going to win that fight. In a statement to the DN, Metro says “Angels Flight is an L.A. treasure, but it must strictly conform to state and federal safety rules.”

The foundation’s working on an initial design for the walkway, but says they won’t know how much it will cost to build until that design is finalized with the CPUC. (The foundation had been discussing some alternatives to the standard concrete stairway that the CPUC wants—alternatives that the AFRF thought would be more effective, including “a collapsible track that could rise during emergencies”—but ended up scrapping those.)

Money is a big issue for the nonprofit foundation, which has had to pay the funicular’s $50,000-a-year insurance premiums even though there are no passengers riding on the railway. The stairway design project is expected to cost another $31,000. They are currently fundraising to cover the costs of both.

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