Venice Residents Suing to Stop Los Angeles’s Beach Curfew

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In 2010, the California Coastal Commission began to look closer at the 1989 curfew, and told the city to both get a permit to keep the curfew in effect and to demonstrate that the curfew was still necessary for safety reasons. Recently, LA has tried to negotiate a compromise: an ordinance drafted by City Attorney Mike Feuer would allow for the creation of 10-foot-wide walkways where the curfew would not be in effect, therefore providing beach access but keeping most of the beach off-limits in the wee hours. These so-called “accessways” would go in at Dockweiler and Will Rogers, but Venice wouldn’t get one; there, the curfew would stay in full force.

Venice was left out of the proposed plan because the ordinance says the neighborhood still has high crime—violent crime, overall crime, and rape are up, it said—and, since the beaches are especially vulnerable at night, the curfew was seen as a crime-prevention tool there. (The Venice boardwalk has a curfew as well.)

The activists don’t see it quite like that. From their point-of-view, all the money spent on enforcement of the curfew is taxpayer money wasted. More loftily, they charge that “An individual’s right to unobstructed access to the ocean, beaches and waterways has been recognized since the ancient laws of the Roman Empire.”

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