2016 Pritzker Prize Goes to Alejandro Aravena, Chilean Architect Behind Innovative Affordable Housing

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Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, center, has won the 2016 Pritzker Prize. His UC Innovation Center at the San Joaquín Campus, Universidad Católica de Chile Santiago (left) and Constitución Cultural Center (right) from 2014, also in Chile, represent recent built work by Aravena’s firm, ELEMENTAL. Photos by Nina Vidic (left), via LaFarge Holcim Foundation (center), and by Felipe Diaz (right). All images are copyright and courtesy of ELEMENTAL unless otherwise noted.

48-year old Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena has been awarded the 2016 Pritzker Prize. He’s the first laureate from Chile, the third from South America, and the fourth from Latin America. He’s also a telegenic star of the international architecture scene, best-known for a housing complex built at a cost of $7,500 per unit and a proponent of “the rigorous use of common sense” to create sustainable, affordable and resilient cities.

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