All the Details on February’s Shutdown of the 101 in Downtown

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Starting Wednesday, January 27, Sixth Street will be closed to traffic between Mateo Street and Boyle Avenue for the demolition. The freeway shutdown comes later. From Friday, February 5 at 10 p.m. until Sunday, February 7 at 2 p.m., the 101 Freeway will be closed to traffic for two and a half miles between the 10/101 juncture east of Downtown to the 5/10/101 interchange. Traffic headed west on the 60 Freeway will not be able to get on the 101 without detouring.

The city’s Department of Engineering has announced the following 101 Freeway on-ramps will be closed:

—Northbound Sixth Street/ Whittier Blvd on-ramp

—Northbound Euclid Street on-ramp

—Northbound Soto Street to 101 Freeway

—Southbound Commercial Street on-ramp

—Southbound Mission Street on-ramp

—Southbound Fourth Street on-ramp

To help people get around the 40-hour shutdown, the Department of Engineering has also announced the following detours:

When traveling N/B 5 from the Orange County area approaching the 5/10/101 Interchange, drivers will see:

—Exit to northbound 101 Freeway: closed

—Exit to westbound 10 Freeway: open

—Exit to northbound 5 Freeway: open

Officials are suggesting as a primary detour for these drivers the northbound 710 to the westbound 10, or, as a secondary detour, the westbound 10 to northbound 110.

When traveling westbound 60 from the Pomona area approaching 5/10/101 Interchange:

—Exit to northbound 101: closed

—Exit to westbound 10: open

—Exit to northbound 5: open

Primary detour: northbound 710 to the westbound 10

Secondary detour: westbound 10 to northbound 110

When traveling southbound 101 from the San Fernando Valley area approaching the 10/101 split:

—Exit to southbound 101 closed

—Eastbound 10 open

Primary Detour: southbound 110 to eastbound 10

Secondary Detour: eastbound 10 to southbound 710

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