Come Dive Into an 1877 Lithograph of a Young Los Angeles

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Prominent fixture on the Los Angeles history scene Nathan Masters has a new show over at KCET, premiering tomorrow, that takes a good, hard look at the hidden, and in some cases literally paved-over, aspects of LA’s past. Called Lost LA, the show’s website indicates that it’ll be delving into the backstory of the land where Dodger Stadium now stands (aka Chavez Ravine) and taking viewers through that most coveted of urban exploration tours: LA’s abandoned subway tunnels. Curbed’s received an exclusive clip of an episode that shows in condensed form the kind of in-depth look the series will take with all its subject matter. In this video, viewers see a lithograph map of the young city from 1877, learn about the key elements it displays (and what those are supposed to convey to a Nineteenth Century map reader), and track down the modern-times vantage point from which the map was drawn to survey today’s much-changed view.

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