Inglewood’s NFL Stadium Probably Won’t Do Much For Football-Adjacent Housing Prices

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For their assessment, Trulia looked at the housing values and rental prices in a two-mile radius of existing NFL venues, “evaluated changes to home values near stadiums built in the last decade, and examined the areas around the proposed new sites in Los Angeles.” They found that, of the 31 stadiums in which pro teams play, two-thirds averaged higher housing values than in areas farther from the stadium, but also that “During the last 10 years, five new pro football stadiums have opened and none, so far, has had a noticeable impact in raising home values” within that two-mile radius. With the Cowboys’ AT&T stadium near Dallas, for example, housing prices have gone down compared to the Arlington, TX area since the stadium’s 2009 opening.

The Inglewood stadium, though, would have more going for it than just football. Right alongside the Rams’ new home, a gigantic mixed-use project is set to rise too, bringing a shopping, office, residential mix that will also hold NFL offices and be a base for the league’s TV production. (It’s been called “NFL Disneyland”.) “We think it’s going to boost property values,” an LA real estate agent tells Trulia. “This is an area with a lot of property that can be developed. We’re expecting lots of growth.”

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