Take a Lovely Video Journey Into Joshua Tree in Darkest Night

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Ernest and his crew brought along state of the art cameras that allowed them to film Joshua Tree in complete darkness, while still capturing the rich colors and breathtaking vistas of one of California’s natural wonders. The humbling vastness of the untamed desert is put into perspective visually as we see Merrell, tiny in the frame, engulfed by the nighttime horizon, lightning illuminating the sky miles away with coyotes howling in the distance. The only thing missing is that desert smell. If you can’t make it out camping in Joshua Tree anytime soon, this video is a close substitute.

And for the film nerds wondering how in the hell the crew shot this without any light, Alec Ernest also offers this behind the scenes look at the making of his Nocturnes documentary:

· Nocturnes: The Paintings of Eric Merrell by Alec Ernest [Los Angeles Review of Books]

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