There’s Still a Chance the Raiders Could Move to Los Angeles

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But Chargers owner Dean Spanos didn’t seem into it. He wrote in a letter to the NFL’s Los Angeles committee that “Nothing in Stan’s letter gives me any reason to reconsider my partnership with (Raiders owner) Mark Davis and our chosen stadium site.” Now that that partnership has been officially killed off, he might be feeling differently, but he also has a new enticement to keep his team in San Diego: the NFL is giving a $100-million consolation prize to both the Chargers and Raiders if they stay in place (and San Diego, unlike Oakland, has been offering all kinds of goodies to the Chargers if they stay in town). Spanos has so far only said “I will be working over the next several weeks to explore these options that we have now created for ourselves to determine the best path forward for the Chargers.”

So the Chargers actually have some incentives not to move, and if they make that choice, or let their year go by, that triggers a one-year option for the Raiders to move to Los Angeles, according to Oakland hasn’t seemed very interested at all in giving the Raiders a shiny, expensive new stadium with their public money, as so many other teams have been able to pull out of their hometowns with the threat of a move, so they might find that Inglewood campus pretty attractive.

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