Of Course the Silver Lake Whole Foods Could Have a Tattoo Parlor Inside

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At the time the 365 status was announced for the Silver Lake grocery store, the new stores were described as the chain’s “convenient, streamlined, value-oriented” outposts. What could be more convenient, streamlined, and value-oriented than getting a tattoo in the grocery store? The tattoo parlor and the grocery store are two places you’ve gotta go, and now they are the same place, saving shoppers time and gas money. No tattoo parlors were mentioned as having applied, so this is all just wishful thinking still on the part of Whole Foods, which really wants its “Millennial-focused” stores to be cool. Aww.

When it opens, the Silver Lake Whole Foods will have on-site booze and in-store dining space too. Previous predictions had the store opening in the first half of this year, but it’s unclear if that’s still the plan.

· Whole Foods May Put Tattoo Parlors Inside New Millennial-Focused Stores [Bloomberg]

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