7 Hikes Off Los Angeles’s Gold Line

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This waterfall is another easy, short walk, with options from one and a half miles to just under three and a half, depending on where you start. Parking here is up to $6 and is closed to vehicles on Tuesdays, but that doesn’t matter, since you’re arriving sans four wheels (restrooms are closed on Tuesdays too, though). That said, public transit options to this park are null. It’s a little over three miles to the new Monrovia Station if you’re hailing a ride, although cell reception could be problematic deeper in the park (lots of people walk down Canyon Boulevard back to civilization to avoid the parking fees anyway). If you’re biking and don’t mind a dirt path part of the way, consider combining the Duarte bicycle and Sawpit Wash paths (see the dirt part in this video starting at about 2:50) from the Duarte/City of Hope Station. Here’s a Google map of that route. Unlike Angeles National Forest, the park where this hike begins is a city park and, thus, it closes at 5 p.m.

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