Mapped: The 18 Cleanest Beaches in Los Angeles

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Heal the Bay has just released its annual report card on California beach cleanliness, and five Los Angeles beaches have made the honor roll: El Matador, Escondido, Long Point, Abalone Cove, and Portuguese Bend Cove were all singled out as some of the cleanest beaches in Southern California.

Heal the Bay also found the dirtiest beaches too. Stay away from Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and the Redondo Beach Pier. They were named amongst the top ten “Beach Bummers” in California. Yikes.

But we’re not here to dwell on some dirty piers, we’re here to celebrate LA’s finest beaches and show you where you can find the cleanest ocean water in town.

Heal the Bay gave each beach a grade from A+ to F in three categories: how clean it was during the summer months (April-October), winter months (November-March), and during wet weather. We’ve averaged the three grades for all the beaches on Heal the Bay’s list and given them a score from one to six. Here are the LA beaches that scored the highest.

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