Metro Throws it Down in Twitter Haiku Battle With BART

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Nothing says, “It’s Friday” like one transit agency engaging another in a haiku battle. Seemingly unprovoked, Bay Area Rapid Transit threw down the gauntlet, daring Metro to fight a battle of words, because why not?

We challenge @metrolosangeles to a transit poetry slam. Haikus only.

Your move, LA.

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

Judging by a subsequent tweet referencing LA’s “silence,” we’re guessing it took Metro a second to come up with some searing criticisms and then translate them into the proper rhyme scheme. BART came at Metro hard, but LA transit fans had the agency’s back.


If I land at LAX

Then what do I do?


— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

I’ve got your back @metrolosangeles:

Take Flyaway bus

Ride it to Union Station

The city is yours

— Tiffany B. Brown (@webinista) June 24, 2016

Eventually, Metro stood up for itself.

BART gives you a ride

To your favorite football team

What say you, Metro?#transithaiku #@metrolosangeles

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

Seventy-three wins

This was your reality

Yet no ring to show@SFBART#wewentthere

— Metro (@metrolosangeles) June 24, 2016

Fans of both agencies jumped in to playfully diss the other city’s transit shortcomings.


Trains are cleaner,

Trips are way cheaper.

LA’s got you beat

— Jhon Arbelaez (@arbelaez_jhon) June 24, 2016

Our trains are so rad

They take you to two airports

Can yours do that too?#transithaiku@SFBART@metrolosangeles@sfcta

— Peter Sachs (@ATCPeter) June 24, 2016

Since this was all in good fun, even BART had to concede that the new Expo Line is pretty cool, though.

But let’s be honest

Tracks to Santa Monica

Make us quite jealous#transithaiku@metrolosangeles

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

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