First Look at the Hotel That Could be Built at Sunset Junction

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 Courtesy of Frost/Chaddock

Earlier this month—timed with the release of the draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for a three-building, mixed-use development along Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake—we learned that project developers Frost/Chaddock were seriously mulling taking out one of the proposed mixed-users and putting a boutique hotel in its place.

The hotel option was one of the “alternatives” explored in the project’s DEIR, which requires developers to explore a handful of other options (including not building anything at all) that might reduce the impacts of new developments on their surrounding environment (traffic, views, etc.).

Frost/Chaddock (F/C) indicated the hotel option was more than just an on-paper alternative—it was something it was seriously willing to consider, if Silver Lake residents were interested.

The hotel would be a story shorter and smaller in total square footage than the proposed mixed-use building. It would bring 94 hotel rooms and 4,000 square feet to the site at 4000 Sunset, and it would have one level of underground parking. Renderings provided by F/C show a rooftop bar and pool, F/C rep Purvi Doshi tells Curbed the architect would be Lake Flato, “who specializes in boutique hotels.”

The mixed-user would have 84 residential units and about 11,200 square feet of creative offices, restaurant, retail, and community space.

Frost/Chaddock reps have previously said that for the time being, they are focusing on the comment period for the draft environmental report before making any more decisions about the hotel. The comment period ends August 15.

Architecture that comes to life in Game of Thrones

4000 Sunset

4000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA

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