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They are what bring TEN50 to life. 13,000 square feet of thoughtful, thought-provoking enjoyment. As much as Downtown LA has to offer, it’s got a little competition here.

The Fifty: An Urban Oasis

The fifty lounge

A lounge that doubles as an oasis. Because even though you have to leave your home on occasion, you shouldn’t want to.

Most Popular

Resort-Style Pool

Tough day at work? Easy day at work? Day off from work? It doesn’t matter. A resort-style pool is waiting for you at TEN50.

Fitness Studio

& Yoga Deck

The pounding of treadmills in the Fitness Studio. Peace and tranquility on the Yoga Deck. Work out your way at TEN50.

Screening Room

Have a few guests coming? Thinking about catching a movie? You have to go only as far as the screening room.

Private Dining Room

Sometimes your own kitchen isn’t quite right for entertaining. No worries. Try the private dining room.

Drone Delivery

The future is landing. In the form of delivery drones.


You’ll find them incredibly beautiful to look at. Just keep in mind: They’re not just for show. You get to use them.


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The City of


A Return to Relevance

Revival. Reinvention. Resurgence. Renaissance. Whatever it is, it’s real.


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