Map: Where to Catch Pokémon in Los Angeles

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There’s something whimsical about finding a fairy flying over a baseball game or a monkey jumping on a couch next to Vincent van Gogh’s “Irises,” but if it’s not posted on social media, did it really happen? From Dodger Stadium to the Getty Museum, we’re seeing many of L.A.’s popular landmarks featured in photos taken by Pokémon Go players out catching wild Pokemon.

suddenly I’ve fallen down the Pokemon GO hole. Caught a Clefairy at Dodger Stadium

— DrinkyCat (@DrinkyCat) July 10, 2016

Flamingoes don’t seem to mind. #Pokemon & #PokemonTrainers are welcome here. Play it safe @LAZoo & good luck!

— Los Angeles Zoo (@LAZoo) July 14, 2016

It turns out that these landmarks are some of the best and most beautiful places to catch Pokémon (Pikachu has been spotted at Griffith Park!), which means you have another excuse to get out and explore the iconic spots for which LA is best-known. Or, if you’re tired of seeing groups of people glued to their phones, consider this a quick guide of spots to avoid during this full-blown Pokémon craze.

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