Mesmerizing gif shows how much LA’s transit network would grow under Metro’s ballot measure

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We’ve already had some pretty good looks at what Los Angeles’s future public transit network could look like if voters sign off on Metro’s proposed sales tax hike this November. But somehow this hypnotic before and after gif detailing all those changes is still blowing our minds. Just look at all those rail and rapid bus lines! That’s the kind of Metro map you could maybe even wear on a t-shirt.

Metro animated mapCourtesy Adam Linder (

Made by Adam Linder, the gif is especially impressive because the before picture isn’t even the rail map that’s currently in use—it also includes projects under construction, including the Crenshaw/LAX Line and the Purple Line extension to La Cienega. That fact makes the big old transit web in the after picture even more impressive.

And, yes, we realize that this map is certainly an optimistic presentation of Metro’s goals. And as the seven cities in Southern Los Angeles County petitioning for a change in the wording of Metro’s ballot measure might point out, the timetable for completion of all these projects is glacial enough that we may all be dead before they’re finally completed.

But there’s something hypnotic about watching all those lines swarming tendril-like across the LA Basin. Even if none of these projects pan out, it’s still fascinating to consider what the city might look like if they do.

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