Own 2,200 acres of Santa Barbara coastline for under $200 million

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In an incredibly anxiety-inducing situation for those devoted to the preservation of California’s treasured coastline, three adjacent coastal properties in Santa Barbara are currently on the market at once, asking a combined $197.895 million. Cumulatively, the parcels of land make up 2,214 acres, including almost four miles of oceanfront property.

View of the ocean from behind a bridge

It’s not the first time these parcels have been on the market in the past few years, and though they are being sold separately, real estate group Kerry Mormann and Associates is advertising the potential to buy all three as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to reassemble the heart of the original 15,000 acre Rancho Los Dos Pueblos … [a] priceless opportunity more akin to art, than real estate.”

Aerial view of Santa Barbara Coast with mountains in the distanceAerial view of Santa Barbara Coast with mountains in the distance

Of course, different people have different definitions of what constitutes art. As the listing notes, the southern portion of the property is, per the listing, “one of the most signifigant and controversial properties on the California coastline due to its potential for development.” Subdivided by a failed developer in the late 19th century, the area—known as Naples—was most recently the planned site of a Santa Barbara County-blocked attempt to develop 72 lots covering 1,000 acres.

Environmental groups have long fought fiercely against development along Santa Barbara’s Gaviota Coast, given the area’s natural beauty, history, and rich ecosystem.

Waves swirling around rock formationsWaves swirling around rock formations

Fortunately, Kerry Mormann has said that the sellers are hoping to find preservation-minded buyers for the properties. Of course, at such a high price point, it might be hard to find any takers with the public’s interest purely in mind. The properties all came on the market earlier this year, but have yet to find a buyer.

Aerial view of coastal bluffsAerial view of coastal bluffs

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