Map: A guide to Insecure filming locations in Los Angeles

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HBO’s new series Insecureabout a young professional woman “living, loving, and fucking upis a window into the lives of regular black people. It’s a slice of black life. And, it’s a slice of Los Angeles. Shot entirely in LA, Insecure not only “excels at portraying flawed people who aren’t just oblivious jerks,” it excels at capturing life here without ever referencing green juice or yoga or aspiring actors. We shop at Rite Aid. We eat from taco trucks. We dump our unwanted couches on the street.

Here’s what Issa Rae, the comedy’s creator and star, toldVanity Fair about depicting South Los Angeles, where she grew up: “You don’t really get to see it on television,” she says. “That was very important to me, to actually film in that neighborhood and not, like, pretend to film in it.” So we get glimpses of Windsor Hills, View Park, Inglewood, Leimert Park, mostly through establishing shots of garden apartments, strip malls, and spots such as Randy’s Donuts and the Forum. We’ve compiled some of the places in a handy map below, which we’ll update throughout the season. (If we missed any locations, let us know in the comments.)

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