#LARain rose all the way to No. 2 on Twitter’s trending list

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Well, it rained in Los Angeles today. Not a ton, but a little. The National Weather Service measured .41 inches at LAX and .94 inches in Pasadena. As wet weather has become an increasingly rare phenomenon, social media users were there to weigh in on all the action. By this afternoon, the weather was a hot topic on Twitter.

At one point #LA Rain rose all the way to No. 2 on the prestigious trending list.

To celebrate this rare occurrence, here are 12 tweets that capture the mayhem of a rainy day in LA.

You guys, it’s drizzling in #LosAngeles and as a result, #LARain is trending on twitter. pic.twitter.com/ovtufxPNBb

— Wendy Heard (@wendydheard) January 5, 2017

Reactions ran the gamut, from shock:

There’s all this wet stuff that keeps falling. #LARainpic.twitter.com/E5RphtQ7eh

— CM_Varitas (@CM_Varitas) January 5, 2017

To celebration:

I love the rain #LARainpic.twitter.com/f8Uf6RZHOF

— Steph Noel Garrison (@stephgarrison) January 5, 2017

To, um, hunger?

I ran home at lunch time and put a roast in the slow cooker w/onion, red potatoes, carrots, etc…pot roast aroma to greet me later #LARain

— GeoffHenderson (@Geoffsabtchange) January 5, 2017

As can be expected, plenty of jokes were made at the expense of LA drivers:

Not everybody knows this, but there’s a magic ingredient in #LARain that makes you forget how to drive.

— Anna Viele (@abdpbt) January 5, 2017

How people are driving now in California #LARainpic.twitter.com/XviaG7T06h

— CampusNote (@CampusNote1) January 5, 2017

And umbrella holders:

Forgetting how to use an umbrella cause we never get rain #LARainpic.twitter.com/8xqes7x3xA

— Megan Martin (@Adsgirl26) January 5, 2017

We saw some nice pictures:

Gloomy. Little rain. #LARainpic.twitter.com/lC1KdUWBS3

— Clarence Cranbrook (@MrBigGear) January 5, 2017

And plenty of wet pets:

My cute pup is enjoying this #LARainpic.twitter.com/p6w0ttsTZQ

— Your New Best Friend (@romangonzales23) January 5, 2017

I love that #LARain is trending on twitter. This is big news around these parts. My dogs even got raincoats. pic.twitter.com/nqcwdCtAcR

— Mason Cook (@masoncook) January 5, 2017

Could it be that a little precipitation is all it takes to bring LA residents together? Well, this is the time to find out. Rain is expected to fall off and on for the next few days, with the heaviest downpours arriving Monday morning.

Does this mean the drought is over?

Still need a lot more #LARain to emerge from drought. I’m a real Californian, I treasure every raindrop. #WaterIsLifehttps://t.co/BZLzEKaySe

— Misty Wood (@FoggyTrails) January 5, 2017

Right again, Twitter. We’ve still got a long way to go. But it’s a start!

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