Twin Peaks: The Los Angeles filming locations map

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Twin Peaks may be heavily associated with the rainy, Ponderosa Pine-filled landscape of the Pacific Northwest, but many scenes from the original series were shot around Los Angeles. It’s a testament to the region’s dynamic topography that few seemed to notice.

It makes sense that Twin Peaks co-creator and longtime LA resident David Lynch would make a point of shooting here. For 40-plus years, the city and its very un-Twin Peaks-like climate have provided the lovably-eccentric auteur with the inspiration he needed to thrive creatively.

“The light is what brought people here—the good weather and the light,” Lynch says in a behind-the-scenes featurette included on the U.K. Blu-ray of Eraserhead. “But the light is magical, because for me, it is like a happiness—a light that gives you energy and an indication that anything is possible. It’s, I think, critical for me to feel that light.”

With Twin PeaksSeason 3 set to premiere May 21, we’ve mapped more than a dozen LA-area locations used in the show’s first two seasons, with crucial help from Twin Peaks Season 2 location manager Barry Gremillion. Grab yourself a damn fine cup of coffee and enjoy. (Note: some of the locations listed are private residences, so please respect that when scouting them for yourselves.)

And, for a map of Washington filming locations, scoot over to Curbed Seattle.

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