Dodgers are selling naming rights to their field for reported $12M

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Dodger Stadium’s name isn’t changing any time soon—but the name of its field might.

A story in the Sports Business Journal riled up Dodger fans today, reporting that naming rights for the field at Dodger Stadium have been quietly on the market since “early spring,” with a $12-million price tag.

Steve Brener, a public relations consultant for the Dodgers, tells Curbed that while “the name of the stadium is not for sale and will not be changing,” the name of its field, or any of the plazas or clubs around the stadium could definitely be sold.

Brener says selling naming rights to parts of the stadium isn’t a new thing, noting that the stadium already has a club level sponsored by and named for BMW. “This is business as usual,” Brener notes.

Brener did not confirm the reported price for the naming rights to the field—$12 million. The Journal notes that is a confident price tag—“considerably more” than many baseball stadiums and hockey arenas are asking.

The owners of the Dodgers, Guggenheim Partners, purchased the team in 2012, paying a record $2.15 billion.

Though they acknowledge that the name of the stadium will stay the same, Dodger fans are still steamed at the prospect of selling off naming rights to parts of the beloved stadium:

Another money grab by greedy #Dodgers owners group, who are destroying everything good about the @Dodgers. Fix the TV deal first ass hats.

— Kayplusk (@KayplusK) July 18, 2017

Nothing is sacred anymore for just a few bucks.

$12M/yr is what the #Dodgers are paying Brandon McCarthy.

— Toast Dispatch (@ToastDispatch) July 18, 2017

Keep kissing ass to this ownership… Only gonna get worse. #Dodgers

— Andy Diaz Lomeli (@Andres_chivaboy) July 18, 2017

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