Hollywood’s empty Sunset Gordon tower takes another step to reopen

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Developer CIM Group is plugging away at getting its vacant tower on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood re-entitled so that building and connecting public park can reopen.

The tower is fully built, but CIM is looking to make some tweaks to it, namely with the addition of an automated steel parking structure that would sit atop the building’s parking podium, a draft supplemental environmental impact report posted by the city planning department today shows.

The EIR is required in order to get permits to reopen the building.

The approximately 300-unit tower was completed in 2014, but its permits were retroactively revokedafter CIM demolished an Old Spaghetti Factory that it was supposed to partially preserve. The Sunset Gordon project has sat vacant since in 2015, when its certificate of occupancy expired, meaning no one is legally allowed to live there.

City building and safety officials have said they won’t renew the certificate until the project goes through the environmental review process again.

Via Department of City Planning

The draft EIR released today shows the steel structure would tack on 19 feet feet to the podium’s current height, and it would be wrapped in a green wall (fencing that’s covered in plants like ivy or vines). It would also provide 128 extra parking spaces on top of the 428 spots already provided in three levels of above-ground and three levels of below-ground parking.

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