Tour the luxe Nichols Canyon compound of ‘Big Bang Theory’ actor Kunal Nayyar

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The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar and his now-wife spent about a year looking at properties together before they happened on a 5,000-square-foot “Spanish hacienda” that Nayyar thought was too big.

They moved in a month after they were married, in 2011. Architectural Digest took a tour of their home, which appears not to have been too big after all.

Nayyar credits his wife, designer and former Miss India Neha Kapur Nayyar, with seeing the possibility the house held. The couple was careful to consider their decor—so careful that for six months, they didn’t have furniture.

The first thing they bought, a pair of green Murano glass lamps, gave Nayyar sticker shock, but also “opened me up to an entirely new world of beautiful things,” he tells AD. (Nayyar made last year’s Forbes list of highest paid TV actors.)

They didn’t do all their own decorating though, instead they brought on Lory and Mats Johansson of Just Joh. The team designed Richard Branson’s private island, which was recently hit by Hurricane Irma.

The Johanssons came in and helped reconcile the couple’s disparate personal tastes to create their dream home. “If we’re fortunate enough, until the day we die, we’re never going to sell this house,” Nayyar says. “It’s going to be in our family for generations.”

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