Curbed Cup Elite Eight results: Burbank beats South Park

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At the close of the Elite Eight round of the Curbed Cup, we’ve had a few surprises. Who would have thought that development-rich, centrally located South Park would lose to Burbank? (Burbank is “leading the Valley’s urban transformation,” so we probably shouldn’t be surprised.)

Burbank’s victory wasn’t an isolated event. When other Downtown (or Downtown-adajacent) LA neighborhoods faced off against neighborhoods in other parts of the city, they lost. We saw it when downtown Long Beach beat Westlake, and again when San Pedro toppled Chinatown.

In the match-up between two heavy-hitters, Hollywood and Koreatown, it was a close race but not exactly neck-and-neck, with Koreatown holding a steady lead and ultimately winning with 60 percent of the votes.

The Elite Eight victors will return for the next round, the Final Four. The bracket below shows which neighborhoods will be facing off. Come back next week for more voting.

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