The Hollywood building where social media stars live

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An apartment building in the heart of Hollywood has blossomed into a magnet for young, aspiring internet stars.

The “amenity-rich” building at 1600 Vine—the one with the Trader Joe’s at the bottom—is or has been home to brothers Logan Paul and Jake Paul and a slew of other names that are probably as instantly recognizable to the under-20 crowd as they are totally foreign to anyone over 20 (e.g. Amanda Cerny, Juanpa Zurita, Lele Pons), says the New York Times.

The Times saysthe building, where rents start at $2,500 a month, has been a draw among the Youtube-, Instagram-, and generally internet-famous since the glory days of the now defunct video app Vine. Sometime in 2014, a handful of Vine stars moved to the complex, just south of Hollywood and Vine.

The apartments and shared spaces of the building were frequent backdrops to videos created by the rising stars who lived in the complex, and “it wasn’t long before 1600 Vine became the place to be,” the Times says.

Even after the demise of the six-second video app, it’s still attracting budding stars looking to make it big in entertainment.

The constant need for content often pushes residents “to do increasingly outrageous things to capture attention,” according to the Times, like fishing off of a balcony using a $20 bill as bait for pedestrians below, or pretending to get shot—both things that Logan Paul has done while living at 1600 Vine. (Logan Paul’s lease here was not renewed; stricter rules about where filming can happen in the complex are in effect now.)

So if you were thinking about renting above the Trader Joe’s, you’ve ben warned.

For the full New York Times story, click here.

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