Tail O’ the Pup has a new owner, now it needs a new home

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LA’s famous hot dog stand shaped like a hot dog, the Tail O’ the Pup, is gearing up to hit the streets once more.

Los Angeles Magazine reports that 1933 Group—the company that revitalized the Highland Park Bowl and North Hollywood’s giant barrel bar Idle Hour—is the new owner of the Tail O’ the Pup.

The deal closed last week, Bobby Green of 1933 Group tells Curbed, and the company is already planning a comeback for one of LA’s coolest examples of mimetic architecture (buildings that look like things).

He says the plan is to restore the hot dog stand and get it up and running again as a hot dog stand—maybe with an added draw, like a beer garden, since 1933 Group is known for its bars, but without many other changes.

“It has to be a hot dog stand again,” says Green. “We don’t want to stray to far from what it was and what people expect it to be.”

Tail O’ the Pup and its fantastic neon sign were donated to the Valley Relics Museum about a year ago, after a deal between its longtime owners, the Blake family, and potential business partners to bring the Pup back fell through.

The museum put it in storage, and museum founder Tommy Gelinas told Curbed in 2017 that it has sat awaiting restoration. Gelinas connected the Blakes with 1933 Group, says Green. The family “wanted to find the right people.”

The Tail O’ the Pup at its 300 W. La Cienega location in an undated photo.
Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection

Before it can reopen, it needs to find its new location.

Green says the hunt is on to find a property owner who is as excited as he and his business partners are about the “iconic LA showpiece.” They’re looking for street-facing property in West Hollywood or Hollywood.

The 1933 Group is also restoring the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood. The company signed a lease last year to manage a bar inside the cafe, and Green says the company aims to reopen the West Hollywood landmark in February or March.

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