‘McMansions’ Turn Into Hot Issue – Beverlywood Real Estate

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Koretz Proposes Limiting New Home Sizes to 3,000 Square Feet

Emotions ran high last week at a Tuesday night meeting held by the Beverly Wilshire Homes Association (BWHA) at the Original Farmers Market. The topic: mansionization. Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz, 5th District, met with Beverly Grove residents, both for and against mansionization, to discuss his proposed ordinance to limit houses to 3,000 square feet.

Recently, Koretz’s office conducted a survey of more than 300 participants in Beverly Grove to determine if residents wanted stronger housing regulations or no further action. Just over 60 percent voted in favor of more restrictions. As a compromise, Koretz proposed a new ordinance for a part of the Beverly Grove area, from Colgate Avenue to Fairfax Avenue and Lindenhurst Avenue to San Vicente Boulevard, that will limit future developments to 3,000 square feet and require them to create a one-foot side yard between houses. Koretz noted that 20 percent of attendees wanted to go as low as 2,400 square feet, while about 70 percent approved of the 3,000 square foot restriction.

If approved, the ordinance could be active anywhere from six months to a year.

Mansionization describes the process by which houses are demolished and rebuilt, substituting architectural continuity with a modern, and usually much larger, development project. Sometimes homes replace back and front yards (up to 20 feet from the sidewalk) with house additions, and tower above neighboring one-story homes. But local resident and licensed architect, Stanley Brent, prefers the term “maximization,” to avoid the negative stigma of real estate development.

Koretz presented the proposed ordinance to city council last Wednesday, and it has been sent to Planning and Land Use Management Committee. For information,  visit www.cd5.lacity.org.

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