Homeowners’ Winter Checklist

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Heads up homeowners: start getting their homes ready for the winter season. Here’s a checklist that will ensure safety and comfort throughout the holiday season.

Although smoke detectors usually alert owners when they need new batteries, it is important to check the batteries and make sure they are working properly. Older homes should have enough detectors, including one in each sleeping room and one located on each level of the house, according to the source. Homeowners with appliances fueled by propane or natural gas should also install a carbon monoxide detector, since homes are more closed up throughout the winter months.

The source also suggests that homeowners have a complete system check of heating systems. This should be done annually, and can be done using an owner’s manual or by hiring a trained technician who can perform the services needed. Thermostats should also be checked or upgraded as needed to conserve energy.

The exteriors of homes also need seasonal maintenance, says the source, including trimming trees and clearing gutters. Sprinkler systems should be drained in colder areas and outdoor faucets should be turned off to avoid freezing over.

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