Q&A With The Neighborhood Real Estate Expert

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Q: I am planning to list my home for sale with you. Can you suggest some
affordable improvements I can make that will increase my chances of getting
the most money for my home when we list?


A: Absolutely. Here are some items to consider:


Fresh Paint: You will likely get the “best bang for your buck” by repainting the interior of your home with a light, attractive shade of white. In fact, white walls assist homebuyers to visualize how they will use the space. If you have wallpaper that is in good shape, you might keep it, but select a neutral shade of white or off-white paint to complement it, If the wallpaper is peeling or dated, remove it and apply paint.


Deep Cleaning: The number one detractor is dirt so make sure your home gets a comprehensive and professional cleaning front to back, top to bottom.


Be sure to wash walls, floors, carpets and windows. Be sure not to miss the fan blades and air vents too! Curtains and window coverings should be cleaned and if you don’t have the time or energy, hire a reputable cleaning company to help you get it done.


De-clutter and Organize: if your home appears too small to you homebuyers will likely agree and think it’s too small. Remove everything but a few essentials from your kitchen and bathroom countertops, half the books from their shelves and non-essential clothes out of the closet and packed away. Don’t forget to organize the garage too. Your home will seem more spacious and you will get a jump on packing for your move.


Repairs: Make sure everything is in good working order or you could pay dearly when it comes time to sell. Today’s buyer just wants to move in and get on with their life. Be sure to oil squeaky doors, fans and windows, screw in loose knobs, replace burned out bulbs and repair damaged or missing screens. The better shape your home is in the more likely a buyer will pay top dollar for it and the easier time you will have when the buyer inspects your home.


Power Wash then Mow and Plant: Buyers make quick decisions on which homes they
will buy so you generally have less then 15 seconds to impress them. Make the most of what you have by giving the exterior of your home and landscape a face lift. Trim hedges and trees back, plant colorful flowers, remove weeds, mow the grass and get a professional landscaper to help you if necessary. Then power wash and touch up or repaint the exterior of your home to have it looking its absolute best. See you in escrow!

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