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Beverlywood Real EstateNational Blvd Down to 1 Lane Due to Expo Line Extension Construction

Please be advised that National Blvd, West bound under the 10 freeway just West of Vons, is going to be restriped down to a single lane (the east bound lane will remain 2 lanes) to accommodate Expo Line construction. The right lane will be a right turn only (onto Manning). It will open back up to 2 lanes past the bridge where National becomes Palms, and right turns on National will still be allowed. Expo construction management expects this change to last approximately 12 months, and will begin as early as this Monday, August 20, 2012.

This information was reported to us this week.

It is expected this will cause substantial traffic issues, particularly in the morning. Bagley (which will also be closed at points due to Expo construction) to Venice or getting up to Pico may be West bound options you should consider during the morning rush hour. This will also cause significant traffic issues East bound, as the left turn onto Manning will become even more backed up than usual.

If you would like to spearhead advanced traffic mitigation solutions for the neighborhood (organize community meetings, get input, propose changes to mitigate traffic over the next year, and interface with our councilman’s office), please let us know. Some ideas have included closing National North of Palms (to allow West Bound Traffic to flow without the stop light), making the Westbound traffic light longer, close the left turn onto Manning (though this will move traffic into our neighborhood streets), and other ideas.

More information can be obtained at, but the information on this work / phase is not complete.

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